Przegląd Odlewnictwa 1-2’2023

Dear Readers,

With this number 1–2/2023 of the Foundry Journal we initiate the subsequent year of our editorial activity.

This year we are planning to edit six successive issues of the Foundry Journal, 2-nd Volume of the Foundry-man Handbook, Monograph of the Polish Foundry-men Technical Association as well as  materials of scientific-technological conferences organized by our Association.

On pages of the Foundry Journal in the year 2023 information and materials related to the planned Report-Statement Campaign, which will end by elections of the authorities of our Association on December 14 , 2023,  will be also provided.

Hoping that in the current year none unforeseen events will occur, we will be able to realise the planned activities.

In the Number 1–2/2023 of the Foundry Journal our Readers will find:

The activity of the WFO in context of the situation in the world foundry industry. Interview with José Javier González – new General Secretary of WFO,

Polish FoundrymEn’s Day 2023. International conference: ‘Challenges  of the foundry industry’, authored by Magdalena Jasińska and Katarzyna Liszka,

Hybrid protective coatings – new solutions in the technology of high-dimensional castings, to eliminate defects related to metal penetration sand moulds, authored by Jerzy Zych, Jan Mocek, Krzysztof Piotrowski and Michał Ptasznik,

Digitalisation of production processes in foundries with the application of the ERP (Effective Radiated Power) and artificial intelligence, presented by the ABAS company,

Warming of devices covered by refractory materials, written by: Burkhardt Holleis, W. Lorenz, R. Priele, Johannes Rauch, Davor Spoljaric, Martin Demuth, Philipp Schindler.

Apart from these papers our Dear Readers will find the short information concerning the celebration of the Polish Foundryman’s  Day 2023 In this issue there is also the information about the ceremonial integration meeting of foundry men, which was welcomed by participants with a great satisfaction.


Tadeusz Franaszek – Editor-in-Chief

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Published: 28.03.2023, Redaktor