Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers!

We welcomed the New Year with Foundry Review no. 1-2/2024. This was accompanied by numerous wishes regarding association, publishing and everyday professional activities. Starting New Year, we welcomed it with hope that it would be better than the last one and that it would not be accompanied by surprising events. We also hope that the economy will stabilize and return to the “normality” that we knew years ago, and the foundry industry will start producing castings that will find their markets with the recovery of most industries, mainly automotive, machinery and household goods industries.

The calendar for 2024 is filled with numerous domestic and foreign foundry events, i.e. conferences, fairs, tournaments and congresses. In May we are starting the 16th International Scientific Die Casting Conference, then in June we invite you to the CastForge Fair, ITM Industry Europe and the 11th Polish Foundries’ CEOs Forum. Autumn is the time for the 75th World Foundry Congress, which this time will be held in Deyang, China. As always, these events will be accompanied by Foundry Review.

The first issue of this year’s Foundry Review is an announcement of further activities carried out by the association, including statistical, training, publishing, conference and integrative activities.

It is worth mentioning that 2024 also begins another four-year term of office of the STOP Board, headed by the newly elected President – prof. Rafał Dańko. In this issue, you will find a report from the 35th General Assembly of STOP Delegates, which took place in December 2023.

In addition, in the Foundry Review no.1-2/2024 we also publish an article presenting the foundry industry in Turkey – one of the leading casting producers in Europe. The material by Tunçağ Cihangir Sen – Secretary General of TÜDÖKSAD presents casting production data – not only on the production of castings in general, but particularly focuses on the production of aluminum alloy castings. It is worth getting to know about the trends, prospects, and threats seen through the eyes of Turkish entrepreneurs.

We also encourage you to read other items in the Foundry Review, including:

  • Polish Foundryman’s Day. International conference ‘Innovations in the foundry industry’,
  • Decrease of the production time of moulding tools by means of hybrid 3D printer for the granulate material,
  • Euroguss 2024 has its finger on the pulse: a stage and a home for the international die casting industry,
  • From the history of “The machine factory and iron foundry of Adolf Troetzer” in Warsaw by Marek Skowron.

We hope that reading this issue will be of interest to our readers and will arouse their interest.

Tadeusz Franaszek – Editor-in-Chief


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Published: 06.05.2024, Redaktor