Przegląd Odlewnictwa 3-4/2022

Dear Readers!

When we began – with the edition of number 1-2/2022 of the Foundry Journal – the successive year of editorial  operations , we were convinced, that after two years of the Covid-19 epidemic, the time of normal professional and social work is coming.  However, it didn’t happen. On February 24, 2022 year, the war between Russia and Ukraine started.

This war caused the emigration of numerous inhabitants of Ukraine, mainly to Poland.  Simultaneously a lot of Ukrainian men,  who worked in Poland during   a peace time, left Poland and returned to Ukraine.

The aggression of Russia against Ukraine, apart from tragedies of millions of Ukrainians, causes several significant problems for the economy of the whole world.  These problems, within the availability and prices of materials and fuels, will be difficult to get under control.

An additional problem constitutes inflation, which seriously troubles all countries in the world. This effect is not easy to be liquidated fast.

All these causes problems with maintaining supply chains and the stabilization of production.

The situation, created as a result of the military conflict, forms several obstacles, which will influence the surroundings within which we have to live and be active.

Notwithstanding, we would like to realize our plans and tasks for year 2022.

Number 3–4/2022 of the Foundry Journal mainly concerns non-ferrous metals casting, which resulted from the assumed Media Plan. This issue will be redistributed at the XIV International Conference: „Innovations in Pressure Die Casting” and at Fairs: Euroguss 2022.  The written below issues concerning non-ferrous metal casting  You will find in this number of our Journal:

  • Shorter cycle time.  Quality improvement of details and longer usefulness of a mould – Frech Tools Poland presents FLM® – connection of conformal cooling with micro-spraying at the standard mould price.
  • Aluminum casting in post-pandemic reality and military conflict in Ukraine. Interview with the President of the Board of Directors of Silum l.l. Company – Wiesław Walczak and the President of the Board of Directors of  P.I.W. Wifama-Prexer l.l. Company – Piotr Nycz,
  • Aluminum and non-ferrous metals in 2021. Historical records of prices, market behavior and preliminary predictions for year 2022, authored by Massimo Grifone,
  • High excitation by the meeting the die casting branch.

In addition, in the issue we provide:

  • Linde MH counts on the solid casting version of the rotor shot-blasting suspension machine with a continuous feed,
  • From the history of Evans Brothers Casting House in Warsaw (Part 2), written by Marek Skowron,
  • General Meeting of Members of the Foundry Chamber of Economy, authored by Witold Dobosz.

Taking into consideration the military conflict in Ukraine the section: ”Industry in the face of war”, was prepared in issue 3-4/2022 of the Foundry Journal.  We present there the influence of this conflict on the economy as well as activities undertaken by various companies, in order to help and to counteract negative war effects.

We hope that these published materials will be helpful in defeating current difficulties in a good health and hoping that we will overcome adversities of destiny, not dependent on us.

Tadeusz Franaszek  – Editor-in-Chief

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Published: 29.06.2022, Redaktor