Przegląd Odlewnictwa 5-6/2020

Dear Readers!

The corona-virus epidemic is still ongoing. The second issue of Foundry Review Journal (Przegląd Odlewnictwa) will be published in this unusual atmosphere. Despite the ongoing situation, we’re doing everything to make the content on its pages as interesting as possible and meet the current needs of the readers. Published on the pages of the issue 5-6 of the Foundry Review, we can find current information on the impact of the corona-virus pandemic on global, European and Polish foundry industry, as well as actions taken by the EU and member states to support national economies. This report was based on available data published by the World Foundry Organization (WFO), the European Foundry Association (CAEF), industry portals and the foundries themselves, and was accompanied by insightful comments. We are sure that it will certainly fill the information gap illustrating the current situation in the industry.

An integral part of this issue is the Catalog of Polish Foundries and Suppliers for Foundry Industry, which appearance has already been signaled in the previous issue. The catalog was divided into several sections, clearly presenting a list of domestic entrepreneurs – 132 iron foundries, 36 steel foundries, 162 non-ferrous metals foundries and 251 foundry suppliers, including: 89 foundry machinery & equipment suppliers, 65 material suppliers, 53 tools suppliers and 44 enterprises related to the industry providing various types of services. We are convinced that the Catalog will effectively complement the lack of much needed information about the potential of the Polish foundry industry. The utility value of this publication is of special importance, especially in the absence of trade fairs in the current “thawed” economy which does not allow the supply needs to meet the expectations.

In this issue, apart from these two leading publications, you will also find scientific and technical articles, i.e.

“Drying of protective coatings deposited on sand moulds elements of diversified shapes” by N. Matonis, Ł. Jamrozowicz, J. Zych, T. Snopkiewicz;

“Medium-frequency corelessinduction-furnaces. Concept of technological advencement, demonstrated on base of the Foundry Śrem in Poland” by W. Schmitz, Ł. Borkowski;

  •       “Savings potential for hand molding shops – especially for steel casters”;
  •       “Home office: how the metall industry can leverage digitization now?”;
  •       “ZGM Zębiec S.A. – before and now”.

Bestowing this issue on the hands of our Honorable Readers, I wish you pleasant reading. I hope that in a sensible way, it will shorten the time that we will have to fight the virus.


Tadeusz Franaszek – Editor-in-Chief


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Published: 19.06.2020, Redaktor