Przegląd Odlewnictwa 7-8/2020

We have edited the next issue of the Foundry Review in the atmosphere of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.According to specialists, this atmosphere allows the economy to slowly recover from the collapse and to lift the restrictions introduced earlier. However, this activity and recovery varies across industries and sectors of the economy. Mainly for this reason, a global assessment of the ongoing situation is difficult. Additional difficulties also arise from the fact that there are still outbreaks of new infections, which puts most of the forecasts into question, which were the basis for lifting a large part of the restrictions applicable so far. All this does not create an optimistic image for the immediate future. These difficulties reached our industry as well, especially in the second quarter of this year, in which the international foundry events that were to be held in May and June were canceled.

We hope, therefore, for positive forecasts for the third and fourth quarter, which will allow us to plan the participation of the Association and Polish founders in the METAL Fair in Kielce, the ITM Industry Europe Fair in Poznań and the organization of the National Foundry Day in a traditional concept combined with an International Technical Conference.

In the current issue, we provide you dear Readers with extensive information on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Polish, European and global foundries. This is a continuation of the report published in the previous issue. In the part of the report devoted to the Polish foundry industry, we include an analysis of a study conducted among Polish foundries on the impact of the epidemic on their functioning.

In this issue, we also publish articles on the subject of digitization and the idea of Industry 4.0, which presents the possibilities of transforming enterprises in this direction, using new digital technologies, data resources and employee competences. Within this topic, we present the following articles:

  •      Digitization gives work
  •      Foundry 4.0: Building a smart ferrous foundry,
  •      Industry 4.0: Not everyone ready for revolution,

A glance at the factory of the future – a place is being created in Krakow where you will be able to see industry 4.0 Solutions in practice.

We also encourage you to read other articles, including:

  • Smorawiński: MDS_3F – a new quality of equipment for the barbotage degassing of aluminum and its alloy,
  • Gliwiński: Positive thinking in the corona crisis,
  • A new angle on foundry sand mixing: DISA reveals the next-generation DISAMIX,
  • Bitech Producent Urządzeń i Linii Technologicznych Ltd.
  • Nowości produktowe Zębiec Minerals.

Handing over this book to you Honorable Readers, I wish you a pleasant reading and successful forecasts, which will allow us to actively pursue our plans and optimistically pursue the future.

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Published: 02.10.2020, Redaktor