Przegląd Odlewnictwa 9-10/2020

Autumn has come. Unfortunately, the world is still battling the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. It ongoing attacks are destroying expectations for its quick and effective control. This situation visibly and painfully affects the economy, and is associated with the return of restrictions that hinder daily activities. Difficulties in implementing the plans, which gave hope that it would be possible to make up for the losses caused by the restrictions introduced in the first half of this year as soon as possible, occur. However, this is not the case. With all this, negative forecasts worsen, which effectively contributes to worse moods.

These facts are also confirmed by the information provided by almost all EU countries and leading countries in the world. It is difficult to imagine that, despite the indisputable efforts of medical services and state authorities, the economy will suffer losses and will have to cope without the financial aid of the state. There will be no such possibility. The need to postpone the dates of technical conferences, international fairs, etc. planned from October is not very promising.

We dream that the latest bad information will be the last, that it will change the losing streak and give faith for the coming months. We must hope. Looking to the future with confidence, we have published another issue of Przegląd Odlewnictwa. In this issue, Dear Readers, you will find:

  •      The future of industry in the context of future competences, Jakub Kołakowski, Arleta Staszak-Nowicka,
  •      Spectrometers in metal foundries, Piotr Linke,
  •      Industry 4.0 help in the era of a pandemic,
  •      BERYL – the new air quality standard in the USA, Mariusz Holtzer,
  •      Bentonite – a raw material for numerous industries, Dominika Kwaśniewska-Królikowska,
  •      60th International Foundry Conference, Portoroz 2020, Slovenia, September 16–18, 2020,
  •      60th International Scientific Conference „Crystallization and Solidification of Metals 2020”,
  •     Andrzej Błaszczak: The new face of the Warta River, the Great Waterway Loop of Wielkopolska as a way to reactivate the river,
  •      Manufacturing companies are struggling with the crisis and the lack of orders. 30% had to reduce employment.

We hope that in this issue you will find pleasant reading materials that will improve your mood.

I wish all Readers a lot of health in this difficult times.

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Published: 21.11.2020, Redaktor