Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers!

Holidays are over, young people started lessons in the new  2023/24 school year. What kind will it be?

Whether pre-election promises of politicians, which they promised will be kept? According to these promises schools will be depoliticized  and teachers will receive significant salary increases. We will see !  In addition to that, several promises concerning economy were also announced.  Some of them can occur not realistic just after the election. These uncertainties are increasing, due to not very optimistic information coming from well developed countries, including the European Union. At this background our economy and foundry engineering are also not in the best condition. However, we hope that the E.U. will finally transfer to us the financial resources and they will be efficiently used. We expect that these resources will also support our sector,  within a range of foundry men education and as a base for new investments and technological developments.

Our Association is on the eve of the General Meeting of Delegates, election of new authorities and – related to that –  summary of the last term of office and undertaking plans for the next term.

The General Meeting of Delegates will take place on December 14th  2023 in Cracow. It will be organised one day before the Polish Foundryman’s Day 2023. Already now we are cordially  inviting all of You to participate in this day and in accompanying it the conference entitled: Innovations in foundry engineering.

We publish, in the current issue, several reports concerning events, which took place in the past months:

  • 63rd International Foundry Conference, Portorož 2023,
  • EUROCAST INDUSTRIES opened  the treatment plant,
  • Seminar: „Capture and storage of carbon dioxide. Reporting emission of carbon traces – FOUNDRY ENGINEERING”,
  • Meeting of authors and reviewers of Foundry-man Handbook vol. II,
  • Casting Clinic – Conference:  Metals Minerals and Guss-Ex,
  • XI Meeting of Polish Users of  MAGMASOFT®,
  • Ceremonial Inauguration of the 105th academic year in AGH University of Science and Technology.

In addition, You will find the current information concerning the foundry sector from the country and from abroad as well as some interesting papers, including:

Efficiency of numerical simulation in optimisation of casting production, authored by  Z. Zovko Brodarac, A. Mahmutović,
S. Zeljko, L. Zeljko,

Machines for grinding meat from Polish foundries, written by Marek Skowron.

We wish our Dear Readers nice reading of the Foundry Journal, hoping that we will soon meet personally at the Polish Foundryman’s Day.

Tadeusz Franaszek – Editor-in-Chief


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Published: 21.12.2023, Redaktor