Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers!

Holidays, free and relaxing time are alteady behind us. This year we had good weather, which favoured quiet rests.

However we hope that real summer will stay with us longer, since this is expected by students and by those who did not manage to use their leaves for resting.

The end of holidays will begin a very important period of engineering activity. The preparations for the World Engineering Congress, which will be in Prague,  will start.

The Polish engineers will  participate – for sure – in this event.

The post-holiday period will be actively used in our Association for the preparation of  XXXV General Meeting of STOP  Delegates. We are convinced that during this Meeting the new Authorities, which will start their activities in January 2024,  will be elected.  This year the General Meeting of STOP Delegates will take place on December 14, 2023 in Cracow, the day before of the Polish Foundryman’s Day.

These activities will not disturb the current statutory and economic  operations of our Association, including the ones related to editing subsequent issues of the Foundry Journal.

In the current number, we recommend to the attention of our Dear Readers  he following paper:  „Capture, usage and storing of carbon dioxide: review of solutions and the perspective for Poland” authored by Wojciech Nowak, Magdalena Strojny, Paweł Gładysz and Marek Ściążko. We are hoping that this paper will encourage
a part of You, foundry representatives, to participate in the seminar (free of charge) entitled: „Capture and storage of carbon dioxide. Reporting carbon traces emission in foundries”, organized by our association together with the Energy Centrum AGH and  Faculty of Foundry Engineering AGH. More information concerning this event will be found in the current issue of this Journal.

In addition we invite You to read reports from past events, essential for our sector:

International Symposium „New trends in processing metal materials ” – IV edition, Budapest, May 16–18, 2023,

ITM Industry Europe 2023 Transformation a challenge for industry,

GIFA 2023. The best results, discussions of the highest level and the best atmosphere in:  The Bright World of Metals in Düsseldorf,

Familiarising young scientists with the world foundry industry,

Józef Suchy WFO medal for services for the World Foundry Organisation,

International Conference MS&IA Modern Steels & Iron Alloys,

XXIX International Scientific Conference of Polish, Czech and Slovak Foundrymen “COOPERATION 2023”,

European Foundry Women’s Award 2023 – obtained  Professor Annalisa Pola from the Brescia University.

We hope that the presented materials as well as the most recent news from Poland and from the world will be interesting for You  and will be considered a nice reading.

Tadeusz Franaszek – Editor-in-Chief


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Published: 19.09.2023, Redaktor