Przegląd Odlewnictwa 11-12/2022

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers!

In a couple of days we will finish the successive year of our activity. We are still realizing it under difficult conditions, created by the war at our eastern border and the ending  Covid-19 epidemic. Regardless of all of that, the fair events and scientific conferences planned for this year took place. All issues of our Foundry Journal were edited. On its columns we published texts informing our Dear Readers of important events, novelties and solutions concerning the foundry engineering and practice.

This last issue accompanies the All-Poland Foundry-Man Day, which – as every year – gathers a lot of participants, representatives of scientific-research facilities, foundry businesses and foundry suppliers. We hope that the coming 2023 year will allow to increase the activity of the global economy, which will also push forward the Polish foundry industry.

We hope that at the beginning of 2023 we will be able to present the plan of action of STOP, which will be without any limitations and will allow us to organize and realize the new and current events and activities, while the enterprises – our potential Customers – will be able to utilize them fully in their operations.

The long awaited GIFA Fairs, the meeting place of foundry men from all over the world, will take place in 2023. At these Fairs, as at every previous one, STOP will be one of exhibitors, promoting possibilities of the Polish foundry.

Awaiting that, we publish – in the current issue – the in-depth report from the 74th World Foundry Congress, in which the Polish representation played a significant part. In addition, we present papers concerning the application of computer tomography and 3D print in the foundry industry.

You will also find the following papers:

  • Andrew Turner – 20 years with the World Foundry Organization (WFO),
  • Dr Doru Michael Stefanescu, Cudworth Professor of engineering, the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa Al, Ashland Research Professor, The Ohio State University, Columbus OH,
  • 10thInternational Conference on High Temperature Capillarity (HTC), authored by Natalia Sobczak,
  • Digital Twin, authored by Dorota Wilk-Kołodziejczyk, Marcin Małysza, Krzysztof Jaśkowiec, Kamil Wróbel,
  • Computer tomography in the foundry industry,
  • Rational solution in the preparation of protective coatings.

Handing over to our Dear Readers the last – in 2022 – issue of the Foundry Journal I would like to thank You, in the name of the Editorial Staff and of my own, for the year of cooperation and support. For the next year, I wish all of You health, all the best, the best of luck and accomplishments of plans. Let the dreams come true !!!

I hope that all these will bring Dear Readers a lot of joy and satisfaction.

Tadeusz Franaszek – Editor-in-Chief


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Published: 21.12.2022, Redaktor