Przegląd Odlewnictwa 3-4’2023

Dear Readers!

The Foundry Journal, number 3–4/2023 means the continuation of the editorial activity of the association.

The war between Ukraine and Russia is still on, the Covid epidemics is still not fully defeated by the world, unrests in various parts of the world are still not suppressed,  climatic cataclysms are worrying us. All this occurs in time in which, we celebrate 550th anniversary of Mikołaj Kopernik birthday, implement wider and wider the digitalization and economy 4.0.

In spite of these important and not always expected events, more and more modern foundry processes are  carried on as well as all domains of the economy are developing, however – because of different reasons – this development is not a uniform one.

This development depends also on efficient utilizing the artificial intelligence related more and more often to inventions, which are changing technological operations.  All these cause, that even very skillful and well educated engineers  not always follow the  progress.

On account of that, novelties are constantly in demand. These demands are satisfied, among others, by scientific journals and conferences as well as by the exhibition events of the sector.

Presently, we are entering the period in which such events are usually taking place. The most important for the foundry sector, International Fairs GIFA 2023 will take place on June 12–16, 2023 in Düsseldorf. Our Association will also participate in these Fairs. We would like to invite our Readers to visit our stand: hall 12, stand E10.

The Foundry Journal, edited by our Association, efficiently acts as a good information source for a lot of  Polish foundries and not only.

The following papers are included in the number 3–4/2023 of the Foundry Journal:

  • Supplier of complex services for the foundry industry: Laempe prezents its whole portfolio in GIFA 2023 Fairs,
  • Seong-Ho Ha, Nam-Seok Kim, Young-Gil Jung, Seung-Yoon Yang, Kweon-Hoon Choi, Heon Kang, Bong-Hwan Kim, Young-Ok Yoon, Hyun-Kyu Lim, Shae-Kwang Kim, Franco Chiesa, David Levasseur, Jin-Kyu Lee, Sunki Kim, Dawid Kapinos, Bogusław Augustyn, Bartłomiej Płonka, Sonia Boczkal, Jang Hum Yeon, Si Woo Lee, Jeong Hun Hong  – are the Authors of: The postscript of the session: „Al-Mg alloys processes” presented during the 74th World Foundry Congress,
  • Jarosław Piątkowski: Casting of engine pistons from aluminium alloys, over 50 years of experience in Federal-Mogul Gorzyce,
  • Sand Team – modern materials, that safe costs of foundry processes,
  • The new generation of environment friendly furfuryl resins for the foundry industry,
  • Magdalena Pietroń:  1st Foundrymen Polish Championships in Skiing and  Snowboard, 2–3 March 2023, Bukowina Tatrzańska,
  • Zbigniew Lange: World Engineering Day, Elbląg, 4th March 2023. The first conference entitled: „Engineers of Elbląg – state and achievements, 1945–2023”,
  • World Engineering Day, Warsaw, 3rd March 2023,
  • Witold Dobosz, Magdalena Jasińska: METEF/MECSPE 2023.

The above publications are supplemented by the current information concerning our Association as well as by information from the domestic, European and world foundry markets.

We wish You a nice reading.

Tadeusz Franaszek – Editor-in-Chief


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Published: 12.05.2023, Redaktor